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Congratulations To The Rimrock and The Broadcaster
ILPC Award Recipients

The Rimrock Yearbook
Award of Honor
Student Life Spread Kristian Johnson 3rd Place
Academic Spread Kaci Bales 3rd Place
Class Spread Leslie Valente 2nd Place
Club/Organization Spread Glenna Capps HM
Academic Feature Story Josh Meek 3rd Place
Sports Feature Story Kelton Bales 3rd Place
Personality Profile Story Kristian Johnson HM
Sports Action Photo Caleb Arias 1st Place
Sports Action Photo Adrian Rios HM

The Broadcaster Newspaper
Award of Achievement
News Writing Nicole Meek 3rd Place
News Feature Ethan Arguello 3rd Place
Sports News Story Tanner Myers 3rd Place
Sports Feature Neftali Torres HM
Feature Writing Kevin Benavides HM
Entertainment Feature Randy Aguirre 3rd Place
Page One Design Steven Garlock, Tanner Myers, Jordan Foster, and Travis Carter 3rd
Feature Page Design Nicole Meek, Alyssa King, and Allison McGhee 3rd Place
Sports Page Design Adrian Rios and Jacob Callahan 3rd Place
News Page Design Caleb Arias and Kelton Bales 3rd Place
General News Photo Alyssa King 2nd Place
Feature Photo Victor Lopez 3rd Place
Entertainment Photo Adrian Rios 2nd and 3rd Places
Sports Action Photo Hunter Alexander 2nd Place
Sports Action Photo Hilario Gonzales HM
Sports Feature Photo Hunter Alexander 2